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Showtime Tips: HoverText

Which Palette/Mover do i sit on? Which one is mine?

Ever had these questions asks at crunch time?

An easy solution is the HoverText option.

Here are the two crucial *palette nc entries emboldened.

BallSitter and HoverText.  Put the name of the person who is to sit/stand on the mover on the BallSitter entry.  Also turn HoverText on.


Then at showtime you can easily toggle them off (or on) using the yellow AutoAccess button of the Performance HUD.

Click on images to enlarge.

Notice that if you do not specify a BallSitter entry (i.e. it is blank) then the name of the Palette shows instead.

Also notice that this AutoAccess menu also shows handy info like:
DancersInGroup and sequences used and the Division and ABOrder.

You can also Invite dancers entered on the *troupe nc.

You can also use ROLLCALL to verify who the HUD thinks has actually accepted your invites.

If logged into the Director, which you can also do from your HUD, you can OPEN and CLOSE the curtain manually as well as automatically from AutoFX.

And at the end of your routine you can KICK_ALL, uninvite dancers from your routine so that there is no conflicting invite residue for the next time you need to invite them.

And the daunting issue of moving dancers from backstage to their starting place on stage behind a closed curtain ready for action is easily addressed using the new GoTo2ndMove button.  They move  their 1st move and are ready to make their 2nd move. Be sure to factor that in when making your autofx moves if you choose to use this option. Example:   move02-XX on AutoFX for your 1st showtime move.

All of these features above are explained in the AutoAccess manual as well, BK22 – The Artiste – Book – AutoAccess – v1.0.

Autocam and some clever thinking

Hey all, just a quick update on a quite handy feature some of you may use for cam shopping from say collabor88 and how they use cam sims to shop into the main c88 sim, by the advanced menu’s disable camera constraints, well i have found a solution of intersim or even within the one sim of having a stage anywhere, ground, of up as high as you could desire in theory, but what the disable allows you todo is view things over a large distance without extending your view range, which means you can use autocam to add variety to shows by engaging the audience in alot more than just the venue and stage.


Artiste – Darkhorse Routine and FEATURE list :)

G’day Everyone

Today was the Rompers performance day so today I will showcase the finale of that show, Darkhorse

Its feature list includes,

***************Feature List***************
Sit2Sit via Relays x 2
One sit for normal for 3 sits in a row
Palettes x 3
Rezzers x 3 as in palettes(RezObject)
Particles galore in places
Palette dancing as seen in the middle as I walk the stage forward

…there is a lot more see if you can see them 🙂

DarkHorse Video
Enjoy the Video 🙂

Set Rezzer (3.51) and Linker (CreateLink/BreakLink)

Well hello everyone.

After the many fixes to the Artiste Set Rezzer and its full functioning abilities to handle the swift rezzing and positioning of nocopy/nomod items, its really showing versatility to any other rezzer out there, and the fact that you can now use all those old stashed-away things in the back of your inventory due to the fact that while they may not  meet the permission-restrictions of multi-scene or similar rezzers on the SL-market,  you now have a robust rezzing solution at your fingertips.

Now as far as the linker/delinker that is now 100% and works like a charm, imagine the possibilities you can do by linking your mover to something else? Imagination is the only limitation you have so what are you waiting for?!.