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A Black Hole: Making 2 Dancers Dance Different Sequences from AutoFX at Different Times

Video Example #1:  The Battle

Wow. It was bound to happen. A dark crevice untravelled.

I had to go back into the book myself because starting dances from AutoFX was how I started off thinking people would start dances. But noooo…everyone wanted dances to start the moment they pressed play.

And that was good for about 2 years. So the AutoFX method sat on the shelf….rusted and dustied and not well-travelled.

Then BAM! This last week not one but two people wanted it. One person realized they didnt really want it cause they had other issues that using the non-autofx method would solve.

Well cut to the chase:

The issue is manyfold but alas I solved it.

The problem is when you want to start 2 different dancers dancing 2 non-synched sequences  at different times where the dancing does NOT start when the PLAY button is pressed.

Was a head scratcher.

I could go into explanations but i doubt this will be used  that much so better to just say HOW to do it.

When Choosing the method of autofx to start dances:

1 – You must set the ABOrder and Division in the *autofx.
2 – You must do a FULL RESET of the HUD
3 – SequenceOnPlay must be 0 on the *sequences nc
4 – You MUST specify at least the 1st 3 sequences on the *sequence  Example:

5 – The second or B group dances *sequence3 and NOT *sequence2
6 –  DancersInGroup must be at least 2
7 – ABOrder must be AC
8 – Division must be ABBB, or ABAB or ALT
9- You must INVITE at least a 2nd Dancer to dance
10 – The second Dancer must ACCEPT
11 –  You should get a replacement HUD script called:
    ~TPT – AutoFX – 04-18-16a         from ME.
12 – The commands that start the 2 dancers is GroupSeq=A (*sequence1) and GroupSeq=C (*sequence3)