Welcome Fellow Artistas!

Artiste GOLD RC2 Performance HUD
Artiste GOLD RC2 Performance HUD

This is my official solo administration and delivery of WordPress. I/we will learn as we go along. The purpose for having it is that, well I heard its cool and an ‘in-thing’. But really, I am hoping to deliver Artiste information in more presentable and manageable ways.

It will also have member-only access once I figure that part out.

Notices delivered in SL only stay around for 14 days. A lot of valuable information is gone cause I didn’t keep a copy. No more of that.

There are many tools and gadgets and cool stuff that we can do now that we have our own domain, artistedancediva.co.uk, thanks to Jemma for setting us up and sponsoring us for 2 years and also helped set up this free website. Of course there is a cap on storage and bandwidth but I forsee upgrading to a higher-level so we can experiment with providing MP3s for shows in a DJ-less form. Just 1 level up and we get unlimited bandwith.  I figure the average mp3 is about 2.5mb. We have 50mb of storage with the free plan and 100mb of bandwidth. Not many plays, (40 songs) per month, unless my math is all wrong,  and store about about 20 songs.

So upgrading is in the plans but for now enough to play with and learn with.

So what do we have now? Well for:

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