First Outing With the Artiste Set Rezzer

A special impromptu class was held as part of LilAngels first bootcamp. A bootcamp is for new Artistas to fast-track them to usablity. It consists of me spending a full-day with them where I do most of the work of getting them to functionality on what it is they are trying to learn and they learn by watching and reviewing what I do. So far its been working. The idea just seemed to spawn itself from several people asking for a ‘full-day’.

I announced the session in notices in case anyone else was interested in learning the Artiste Set Rezzer. Kat was available and wanted to attend. We had several hr class. Maybe 4 hrs long.

We went over basics…step by step…as we all had the same stage template to work from. We didn’t address nocopy/nomod technique  as I plan to include that in an Advanced Set Rezzer class.

Later I worked the 2nd half of the SetRezzer bootcamp with Lil where I assisted in her tackling a troubled set of 18 items that she was trying to rez where she was having random missing transparency issues. We were finally successful! YAY!…I just wanted to document issues we had and how they were addressed.

1) Some of the items were scripted. We removed the scripts so that they didn’t interfere with the rezzer.

2) We increased the RezDelay time first to 5.0 seconds (default was 1.0) and then later again re raised it to 10.0 seconds. That seemed to solve a lot of failed rezzing.

3) We also increased the MaxRezDistance from 20 to 40 as some items neeed extra rezzing room. That immediately solved the failed Xmas Light rezzing issue.

4) We also put the primmiest items first on the list rez. Not sure if this helped.

5) As a future enhancement I can optionally set scripts to running after they are rezzed…if when scripts ARE needed as part of a rezzed item’s functionality. I am hoping that it was the increased delay allowed for rez to complete as opposed to having to remove scripts since we are not sure at this point which did the trick. Will examine this later. We just wanted to get it to work and it did.

6) The reason that set-rezzing was paramount to Lil’s interest is that  her prior set-rezzer had issues with failed alphas. The Artiste SetRezzer had already run into this same issue and found a work-around to what is a common known SL issue that occured after a particular server-rollout many moons ago. The Artiste seemed to have resolved her missing-alpha issues as we were able to get all 18 items to rez perfectly and repeatedly

7) I had an issue but turned out that I forgot to UNLOCK my set. Spent a couple hrs scratching my head before realizing that. So this zs meant as a heads-up.

8) Double Exposure (Dbl Exposure) needs to be fixed. It was a problem I was aware of. It will screw up cross-fading because when a child-rezzer is Double Exposed, it doesn’t know if its state is hidden or showing. It is confused and understandably so.

9) You need to rez an object called ArtisteOffStage. It must not contain a script. It is just a dummy place holder that the MasterRezzer uses to know where to hide NoCopy/NoMod items.