The Artiste “Action” Feature UPDATED with PROOF OF CONCEPT Demo

Here is a video demoing “tight inter-palette and intra-palette communications” Footsteps

(Oh and a footnote. The actual scene is smooth. the video does not do it justice)

In this example the autofx tells the leftfootprint to move and then inside the leftfoot palette it has an action to fade when its done with its move but also has as its 2nd move, an intra-palette command to start the rightfootprint to move and inside of it it has an action to fade it self….Super cool.



*palette for FootPrintL
M01_A_01,1.000000,<0.00000, 0.38016, 0.00000>,<0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000, 1.00000>,none,0

(Notice the new use of the word “me” that tells the palette to operate ‘against itself‘. this keeps the action tight and internal. No round-trip to the HUD is needed)

*palette for FootPrintR
M01_A_01,1.000000,<0.00000, 0.38016, 0.00000>,<0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000, 1.00000>,none,0

Below are the actual commands used to pull of this tight intergration of interdependent activities.

This is HUGE. It opens the doors un-imagined possibilities on the order of Sit-2-Sit and the palette= in a sequence.

I believe this is an amazing breakthru.

First, changes from the previous post.

You can now do ALL the palette actions IF your action applies to the same palette.

Actions to other palettes are still limited to the InnerActions list.

This is worth stopping and cogitating on as to its implications.

I haven’t even stopped to fine-tune the timing. Just a 1st-try of 2.0 seconds. Also notice the built-in flexibility as you have 2 places to adjust timing. At the end of the move (pause) and at the beginning of the action.


The Artiste “Action” Feature

I have vetted the “action” feature in the *palette nc for fadehide/fadeshow. It should also work for all the other Inner Action list. If there is one you need that is not on that list, let me know and i will enable it or if an InnerList entry is not working let me know.

What is an “action”?

Glad you asked.

It provides for the ability to trigger an action/feature  in a Palette for the same palette or a different palette at the end of a move or turn cycle which is after the pause, if any.

1 – Move/Turn (optional)
2 – Animate (optional)
3 – Pause (optional)
4 – Action (optional)

By specifying an action for a given move, it makes for tighter control of when other things happen for a palette and relieves you of the burden of having to ‘time’ actions on the autofx.

This is similar to MJs request to trigger a Palette action, in her case a “move”, between sequenced dances from the HUD. That provides tighter timing control and alleviates having to worry about calculating timing in autofx. That would be messy and not as reliable.

How it works is that the action sends the command to the HUD who redirects it to the proper palette. So, yes you must be wearing the Perf. HUD for it to work.

Real life example I got working: In my routine I am working on I have footsteps one for left foot, one for right foot. They are movers. After they move I want them to fade out. I created a ‘fadehide’ action for the move. Works like a charm.

Here is what the entry looks like in the *palette nc:


The 1 is the move number it applies to. In this case the 1st move.
The 2.0 is the delay that happens prior to the action.
FootPrintL is the name of the Palette
fadhide is the action to take
ONE is the parameter that says to fade only this prim