Artiste Actions – Mini-Events

Using Actions in the *moves nc for finer granular control of short event durations ….creating mini-events
Instead of doing this…

Do this instead…this saves 3 events

and use ACTIONS on DUMMY MOVES for granular mini-event control



then the autofx would look like

this will do all 3 moves which are dummys meaning the palette doesn’t really move at all but WILL do the 3 actions associated with them in sequence using the move durations which are 1 second each.

NOTE: Actions NOW (interim Palette CM1 or later) happen at the BEGINNING of the move and not the END…so you can further manipulate when the actions occur (as in immediate OR later, if you wish) using the Action delay time which is where the 0.0 is. Notice the delay time on the 2nd Action of 0.5 seconds.

You have lots of flexibility here.

ALSO you can now have WAIT times totaling up to 4 seconds on Event #4 instead of only a total time of 1 second. 29-25 = 4 vs 26-25 = 1.

A Black Hole: Making 2 Dancers Dance Different Sequences from AutoFX at Different Times

Video Example #1:  The Battle

Wow. It was bound to happen. A dark crevice untravelled.

I had to go back into the book myself because starting dances from AutoFX was how I started off thinking people would start dances. But noooo…everyone wanted dances to start the moment they pressed play.

And that was good for about 2 years. So the AutoFX method sat on the shelf….rusted and dustied and not well-travelled.

Then BAM! This last week not one but two people wanted it. One person realized they didnt really want it cause they had other issues that using the non-autofx method would solve.

Well cut to the chase:

The issue is manyfold but alas I solved it.

The problem is when you want to start 2 different dancers dancing 2 non-synched sequences  at different times where the dancing does NOT start when the PLAY button is pressed.

Was a head scratcher.

I could go into explanations but i doubt this will be used  that much so better to just say HOW to do it.

When Choosing the method of autofx to start dances:

1 – You must set the ABOrder and Division in the *autofx.
2 – You must do a FULL RESET of the HUD
3 – SequenceOnPlay must be 0 on the *sequences nc
4 – You MUST specify at least the 1st 3 sequences on the *sequence  Example:

5 – The second or B group dances *sequence3 and NOT *sequence2
6 –  DancersInGroup must be at least 2
7 – ABOrder must be AC
8 – Division must be ABBB, or ABAB or ALT
9- You must INVITE at least a 2nd Dancer to dance
10 – The second Dancer must ACCEPT
11 –  You should get a replacement HUD script called:
    ~TPT – AutoFX – 04-18-16a         from ME.
12 – The commands that start the 2 dancers is GroupSeq=A (*sequence1) and GroupSeq=C (*sequence3)