State of the Artiste 2016

A rising tide lifts all boats. – John F. Kennedy

Lots that has gone on, is going on, and planned to go on.

FIRST HALF of 2016 was devoted to raising product awareness.

That has been accomplished via

1 – Kat offering classes at K&M as well as at JAPA.

2 – Formal Introduction of the Producer Series and its installation into:
Zed’s Toadfahrt Theater
Rompers, and
Velvet Vixen.

3 – Artiste participation as navigation-system for the Extravadanza Exodus production, providing the engine for the barge by making it a multi-sit rotate-while-moving Palette. Two 25-seat boats carried the audience to 9 sets. The 2nd boat was operate my a special modified Palette just for the affair. And the 1st 4 shows were treated to a revised adaptation ot the Artiste AutoCam system for sim-wide multiple-venue productions.

SECOND HALF of 2016 will be devoted to finalization:

1 – Showing more product potential

2 – Revising the Documentation. 2nd Revision. Simpler Manuals. Introduction of the Artiste RECIPE. (same as QuickStarts). Barebones how-to-list

3 – Fixing doc Errors

4 – More focus on Group Dancing abilities

5 – More exposure to current advanced abilities

6 – Introduction to the new Artiste Extendibles product line

7 – Implementation of a new video category…that of “experimental nd training”
less than a demo-video and less than a show-video., it will focuse on teaching technique and application. They may be shorter and more to-the-point.

8 – Facilitating the bot system and working an “24/7 unattended production series” that highlights features of the Artiste

9 – Providing more and continued one-on-one support

10 – Preparing the final PLATINUM release of the Artiste Performer Series

11 – Teaching new specialized classes as the needs arise and interest shown.

12 – Immersing into the create process and performing on stage

13 – Having more fun. Getting less serious.

Because the list is adventurous aggressive, progress on any individual may be scattered, varied, and at times interrupted.