The MJ Rule – Excessive Wait Times in an AutoFX Line Entry

It is called the MJ rule because MJ first stumbled upon it.

1,”Event #1″,3
2,”Event #2″,5
3,”Event #3″,9
4,”Event #4″,21
5,”Event #5″,37
6,”Event #6″,44
7,”Event #7″,52
8,”Event #8″,79


In this example the total wait times for event #3 is  (3+4) = 7. While it is less than the event time on event #3 (9), this is not the event that is applied. It is always the difference between the PREVIOUS  event and CURRENT event when ELAPSED time is used  which is the DURATION of Event #3, which is the most common type of EVENT TYPE used.

Subtract Event #2 time (5) from Event #3 Time (9).  9 – 5 = 4

Event #3. Its duration is only 4.  And so 7 seconds is greater than 4 seconds. There is not enough time for the WAITS to happen. This is an ERROR!

What we found out is that the consequences often happen many events later so its not obvious that the problem is on Event #3 because functions attached to event #3 might work fine.  In the real life case, the emote attached to event #7 did not fire. Where the behaviour will falter and suffer is complex and unpredictable.

This was argued to me. But once I found the problem and fixed the WAIT times so they were less than the duration of Event #3, the problem in Event #7 was fixed


1,”Event #1″,3
2,”Event #2″,2
3,”Event #3″,4
4,”Event #4″,12
5,”Event #5″,16
6,”Event #6″,7
7,”Event #7″,8
8,”Event #8″,27

When using DURATION as the Event Type, it is a lot easier and intuitive to detect. The DURATION for EVENT #3 is 4.

Artiste Measurements

Good Day all the folks of Artiste land.

I am reporting today what I should have done awhile ago, but with a major overhaul and reopening of a venue coming soon, things have been rather busy.

But i am writing this post to say why I would do a small routine with near 80 commands in just over 4 mins to a song.

Well simply said its to push things enough to see limitations if any, or problems if any.

I have made a lot in the past 6 months.  I won’t say how many routines i have made but lets just say the final could be pretty high and each routine I have incorporated different measures.

But this one I am writing on now uses 4 huds, not all working at the same time but with attach and detach,  and with a lot of varying commands so if you break the structure down a hud is issuing something at the average percentile of 2-4 seconds per event.

I know that is not a figure set in stone but a estimate for the math wise folks, why push the limits of a routine?  Well why treat it like a Rolls Royce?  And get under the hood of a Ferrari and take it for a spin?, so that’s my reason!.