Artiste Measurements

Good Day all the folks of Artiste land.

I am reporting today what I should have done awhile ago, but with a major overhaul and reopening of a venue coming soon, things have been rather busy.

But i am writing this post to say why I would do a small routine with near 80 commands in just over 4 mins to a song.

Well simply said its to push things enough to see limitations if any, or problems if any.

I have made a lot in the past 6 months.  I won’t say how many routines i have made but lets just say the final could be pretty high and each routine I have incorporated different measures.

But this one I am writing on now uses 4 huds, not all working at the same time but with attach and detach,  and with a lot of varying commands so if you break the structure down a hud is issuing something at the average percentile of 2-4 seconds per event.

I know that is not a figure set in stone but a estimate for the math wise folks, why push the limits of a routine?  Well why treat it like a Rolls Royce?  And get under the hood of a Ferrari and take it for a spin?, so that’s my reason!.

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