The Final Fontier

We are about to finally finish the Artiste after some 6 years or so. We will be re-going over all the features f all the Artiste Product Line at some point, fixing anything that crops up and enhancing the documentation as we do for typos, errors, and omissions.

This page will be a repository for all the disparate items that have and are developing. One place to come to get all the information you need to stay current as well as aware of whats going on.

It will include:

A. Log of script changes and new releases
B. General Information
C. Major Enhancements
D. Minor Enhancements
E. Producer Series
F. Operational Processes
G. Bugs and Bug Fixes
H. Hidden Features
I. ToDoList
J. Outstanding Issues
K. Tips and Tricks
L. Documentation Omissions
M. Documentation Typos

A.  Log of script changes and new releases

DEC-01-17:  SetRezzer v3.62
Added FastReRez,(on/off) and *rezdelays nc for rezdelay override.

NOV-30-17:  Performance HUD 10.02e – Added “SD” in AutoFX for SmartDancer in AutoFX…uses intRelayChannel (HUD_TO_EXT) 

NOV-22-17:  Performance HUD 10.02e – WARN AutoFX command fixed. Eliminates extra delay in timing.

NOV-20-17:   New!  BK01-BK30 Released. See Updated Manual Dispenser at HQ

Nov-09-17: Artiste Message Board v3.7 Fixed  fade – Fixed badly linked board. Added FadeOption and StageChannel option in nc.

Nov-07-17: Artiste HUD  10.02e. Fixed “S” button toggle and GroupStop autofx. (typo introduced when instituting dance-chaining).

Nov-03-17Artiste MoverReorientator v2.0 – Enhancement to allow for unlimited (based on memory) number of moves for transcribing. Previous version had run out of memory after a dozen moves

Nov-01-17: Artiste MoverReorientator v1.9 – Eliminates Initial Reorientation because when IncludeRotations,off then Palette reorients itself based on Anchor Reorientation. So this avoids double reorientation.

Oct-25-17  : ArtistePalette_21_RCb – Bug Fix (unsit for non-owner)
Oct-24-17 : Anchor v2.22 – ResetPalettes Button & HoverText AutoWrap

03-15-18 Artiste Palette_22_RC_c   RELEASE!!!
03-15-18 Artiste Performance HUD v 10.06 RELEASE!!!

Apr-02-18: 10. ArtistePalette_23_RC_a Fixed initial setting of HoverText,off so it works

$$$$$$$$ 03-15-18 $$$$$$$$


B.  General Information
1.  New MENU item: Actions

2.  New MENU item: Choreography

3.  New!  BK26 – The Artiste – Lights v1.0 – 11-14-17

4.  New!  BK30 – The Artiste – Physics v1.0 – 11-16-17

5. New! Link to DanceDiva Web-Based Formation-Creator on new MENU item called DanceDiva 11-23-17

6.  New!  SmartDancer – Combination of DanceDiva and ChorusLine – 02-01-17

7.  GroupID will now be in 20 thru ?? position of Object Name when there is a LinkSet (i.e.) (more than 1 prim in a Palette)  ArtisteUtility script.  Ex:  ArtistePalette_01_A_KF

8. New MENU item: SmartDancer

9. New MENU item: MasterPiece

$$$$$$$$ 03-15-18 $$$$$$$$

10. RemoveAllScripts for rezzed children can be sent from HUD or public chat channel.

1. Artiste Coupler
New feature to help automate aligning and animating of couples animations.

2. Artiste DanceDiva – Retitled SmartDancer
DanceDiva (Formations) – New In-Game Formation Creator Tool.  DONE 12-01-17. Also added customizable channels. Turns to be relative and not world absolute.

C.  Major Enhancements
1. New –  Set Rezzer 3.51  (Updated with 3.62 – added FastReRez,[on/off])
– simpler streamlined operation – fixed nomod – chat-enabled

2. New – Mover Reorientation
– drop *moves nc into box. Press 3 buttons. Get new *moves nc in your IM window.  New orientation includes InitialOffset and Move-Offsets and Rotations. This feature is nicknamed – “ori”
Get it, v1.9 in the Mover object giver at Artiste HQ.

NEW! 11-03-17 – v2.0 addresses when you have so many moves that its too big for the InstantMessage and the end gets truncated.  It now breaks the IMs up into 1k chunks so you may get multiple IMs that you have to stitch together into the new *moves nc if you have a lot of moves.

3.  Special Experimental, limited, 40-Event Performance HUD
– Caveats – no AutoStrips past event 21 using

4. Advanced Physics  – DONE – 2018

5. DanceDiva SmartDancers – DONE Feb 2018

$$$$$$$$ 03-15-18 $$$$$$$$

D.  Minor Enhancements
1. Changed max distance from Anchor from the hardcoded 20 meters to the setting on the DubiousOffset entry in the *palette nc. You will need this new script. It will be added to an upcoming Palette release
Artiste MovesLoader 11-12-17-AF

2. Added logic to HUD Artiste CustomGroup  script to allow for a max of 9 divisions instead of 8   Dec 12th 2017

3. Added BreakAllLinks to Palette 23_Z.  02-13-18 AutoFX command example:

4. Added SitOnLink to Utility script in Palette  2-22-18
EX: 1,r=p%01_A%sitonlink%3

5.  Added Reloaded !!! confirmation messages 

$$$$$$$$ 03-15-18 $$$$$$$$

6. PlayMedia and PlayYouTube reinstated in Director and patched to work in AutoFX script in HUD.

7.  Added MediaDelay entry in *sequences nc so that sequences can wait for stream to buffer and load.

8. New MasterRezzer  Artiste MasterRezzer v3.79 and Child Script TPT – ChildRezzer v8.08  as well as new *setchild with new DelayAfterRez entry for heavy-duty sets. Also moved InitialShowHide to after the MaxAlpha value

9. GoHome AutoFX command enabled in Palette 23_RC_a on 4/2/18\

10. Fixed initial setting of HoverText,off so it works

11. Added SetLinkAlpha to Palette in Utility Script

12. Added SitOnLink to Palette in Utility Script

E.  Producer Series
1. Message Board
Added new entry on the notecard: Ex: StageChannel,-123456…this must match the ChannelForStage,-123456in the Director

Also added new entry called ShowHideBackground,on. When on this will also FadeOut the MessageBoard on mbhide and show the MessageBoard on mbshow.  Message Board v3.7

Now unique buttons for Open and Close of curtain

2. StageHud
Enhances with OpenCurtain adn CloseCurtain and Close&Logout button that streamlines end of routine by closing curtain AND logging at same time saving a trip. These are hard-wired to a particular venue.  Four  CamViews added to Stage HUD.
a) Stage b) BackStage c) Audience d) TipJars and CancelCam button

3. Curtain – Login channel corrected (just a reminder)

4. AutoCam Seats-There is now a HUD that temp-attaches on sit and detaches on stand or logout or sim-departure that has button-press preset viewing angles of the stage with 5 zoom levels, tipjar, venue-jar, and AutoCam choice which lets the performer send pre-sequenced angles. Still work to be done to make it work for multi-sit couches or linked seats.

$$$$$$$$ 03-15-18 $$$$$$$$

F.  Operational Processes
1. RESET Mover-Palettes
You must reset palettes that are movers after you move them to a new location (usually the show-venue) after doing a reorientation so they acclamate to the new anchor. BE SURE to REZ your ANCHOR first at the new locale or your movers wont move.

2.  Palette Turning
When using the Turn command in the *moves nc, you MUST have IncludeRotations,off in the same *moves nc.
When IncludeRotations,on then you will ROTATE while MOVING and  explicit Turn commands in the *moves nc  will be IGNORED.
Nov 1st: IncludeRotations has been disabled since it has caused problems and also nobody ever uses it.

3. DancersInGroup
You may get innocuous but benign error messages if you have fewer dancers dancing than you invited. It is recommended that you don’t have DancersInGroup more than the actual number of dancers you invite. Keep that number tight. This is in the *sequences nc.

4. Use InitialPoseA (B, C, D) instead of InitialPose

$$$$$$$$ 03-15-18 $$$$$$$$

G.  Bugs and Bug Fixes
1. The command “lx”  (turns an Artiste light on or off dynamically from autofx) has been FIXED in Palette.

2. CreateLink FIXED in Palette. Was only sensing items that had scripts in them before.  Artiste Fader script

3. Non-Owner Palette SittingFIXED 10-18-17 – Left over debug code – Upcoming  ArtistePalette_21_RC (Artiste Mover 10-17-17-CW)

4. “S” button not stopping  –
BROKEN – 10-17-17 FIXED 11-07-17
S” Toggle press does not stop animations on toggle. Neither to the *sequence buttons

5. AutoCam Controller not updating AutoCam HUD for seats with overrides. Works with Override ncs with StageDefault but NOT ZoomAngle.

6. Swing – Aura reported last option of Swing is not working but still able to accomplish basic functionality.

7. Palette HoverText  FIXED 02-13-18

8. STOP BUTTON now works better and stops *sequence? runs.  Stops all 4 sequences (1-4) divisions (A-D)

9. ListEmotes, always listing 20 emote detail lines.  FIXED 03-13-18

$$$$$$$$ 03-15-18 $$$$$$$$

10. Fixed “-” adorn for detaching in the Relay script.  Needed to generate aFolderName and rFolderName for detaching.

H.  Hidden Features
1. ALL command
You can substitute “all” for the Palette-Name in autofx and the command will go to all Palettes.

2. GroupID_?_? – new format for palette name allows for sending a single autofx command to selected groups of palettes. See Palette-Grouping under Choreography sub-menu.  GroupID is an entry in the *palette nc

I.  To-Do-List
1. Update the Manual Covers to match proper version numbers  DONE

2. Remove unneeded scripts in Peformance HUD. 
Create Lighting Book – DONE
Create Repeats Book – DONE
Create AutoAccess Book – DONE

3. AutoView in Autocam

Needs redoing

4. Allow comments after Initial Offset in Reorientator

5. Add button on [AUTOS] submenu on HUD to bring up MasterRezzer menu.  

6. Add button on [AUTOS] submenu on HUD to bring up SmartDancer.

7. Check why Tip not working in an Action

8. Check why GroupID for Palette ID not working for Tip – DONE.  Only used for MOVES based on ID in Utility script

$$$$$$$$ 03-15-18 $$$$$$$$

J.  Outstanding Issues
1. Advanced Movers using Markers
The Set Reorientation solution has been deprecated and it is strongly suggest you use the new method using Mover-Reorientation  (ori). It is simpler and more reliable.

2. Emote Detail Lines
Please make all detail line numbers 2 digits or else you will get truncated emotes.
Do this:   03,/Me removes my belt 
And not this: 3,/Me removes my belt

3. “.2” animation not found on Performance  HUD reset
Benign error message

4. IncludeRotations,off – Is now the default.  When on it may cause problems if not used judiciously.

$$$$$$$$ 03-15-18 $$$$$$$$

K.  Tips and Tricks

1.  ArtisteAdjuster
It tends to not move the avatar consistently when moved though you can fake it. Tip is that once you get a good height and centered position on the Palette, simply copy and reuse that vector/rotation pair in the *palette nc for the DefaultSitTarget.
Example: DefaultSitTarget,<0.02710, -0.06264, 1.00366>,<0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000, 1.00000>
Avatars can always use PGUP/PGDN for final custom adjustments

2. Saving Memory
If you are not using AutoStrip, you can save memory in the Stripper script that can on occasion run out of memory (Stack-Heap) if you reducand delete all the other 19 entries.e the number of entries on the *orders01 nc to the last needed group. If you are not using any then just leave the 1st entry as in 1,none 

3. Controlling Message Board via AutoFX
Artiste Message Board is designed to work using AutoAnnounce. It works fine. A work around or alternate method though is that you can use a special format of an AutoFX command using double “%“.
1,R8=5$R8=1%%This is line 1$R8=2%%and this is line number 2$

4. Showing and Hiding Sittable Palettes at Showtime

Showing and Hiding Sittable Palettes at Showtime

L.  Documentation Omissions
1.  rezobject
in “BK10 – The Artiste – Book – Palette v4.0”
A 3rd parameter, velocity, has been added.
rezobject relative-position relative-rotation relative-velocity
This 3rd parameter will propel the object after rez 2.5 in the X direction relative to the Palette and 2.0 in the Z (up) direction. This velocity will be added to any existing velocity of the rezzing Palette which is usually zero.

2.  gohome is a valid autofx command for Palettes (i.e. r=p%01_A%gohome

3, in BK09 AutoFX format is examples:
1,r=STAGE%PlayMusic%mp3soundfilename in Director
1,r=STAGE%PlaySound%nameofsoundfile in Director

3. SitOnLink

4. SitLinkAlpha

 Documentation Typos

1. CollideOn and CollideOff
The examples have CollidOn and CollidOff – they are missing the lettere“. Should be CollideOn and CollideOff

2. BK24 – The Artiste – Book – Follower-Relay v1.0
The ID always comes as the 1st parameter…so like
on the 1st page, this statement is in error:
it should be:
And so should any other malformed examples when addressing RELAY type commands