BK13 – The Artiste – Book – Set Rezzer – v3.1

Nov. 27, 2017 – NEW! On *setrezzer a new entry called FastReRez.  It will default to “on” and was implemented to address slow rerezzing after a MasterReset. The caveat is that you will always need to save (copy child-object back into MasterRezzer replacing any existing) in order for it to work.

It appears everyone always saves their latest moves permanently. If so then this aids in rezzes as fast as the Initial rez.

There is another feature implemented that uses a new *rezdelays nc in the MasterRezzer

ChildName, seconds-to-delay after rez-at-master before moving and rotation.



I suggest avoiding the need for this unless absolutely necessary. This value will OVERRIDE the RezDelay  value in the MasterRezzer. THis is meant to be used for troubling children that are complex with mesh or a lot of prims on an individual level and not force every child to delay a long time when only those who need it are impacted.