BK13 – The Artiste – Book – Set Rezzer – v3.1

Nov. 27, 2017 – NEW! On *setrezzer a new entry called FastReRez.  It will default to “on” and was implemented to address slow rerezzing after a MasterReset. The caveat is that you will always need to save (copy child-object back into MasterRezzer replacing any existing) in order for it to work.

It appears everyone always saves their latest moves permanently. If so then this aids in rezzes as fast as the Initial rez.


There is also a FastReRezOn/FastReRezOff toggle button on the main menu of the MasterRezzer.

Turn this ON for fast rezzes after the initial rez after a MasterReset.  After the initial rez, the RezDelay kicks in and can annoy those in a hurry. The caveat is that the MasterRezzer wont remember moves or rotations after the initial rez.  So you would need to copy objects into the MasterRezzer if you move or rotate them after the initial rez upon MasterReset.

So remember to turn this OFF before going to the show venue  because you probably want to rez the MasterRezzer and Rotate your sets BEFORE you lock them.

Note that this button only works if FastReRez,on in the *setmaster.


There is another feature implemented that uses a new *rezdelays nc in the MasterRezzer

ChildName, seconds-to-delay after rez-at-master before moving and rotation.



This value will OVERRIDE the RezDelay  value in the MasterRezzer. This is meant to be used for troubling children that are complex with mesh or that contains a lot of prims on an individual level and not force every child to delay a long time when only those who need it are impacted.  This RezDelay value on the *setmaster applies to ALL objects in ALL sets.  This is why its preferred that you use the *rezdelays nc entries instead.

There is also a new entry on the *setchild nc called DelayAfterRez. It should always have a value of at least 1.0 seconds.  In cases where a child-object is duplicated or is left inside the MasterRezzer but rezzed, bump this value up to 2.0 or 3.0.  What happens is with a lot  objects that want to rez farther away than 10m from the MasterRezzer, you may get a troubled rez.  The MasterRezzer moves to where the child-object needs to be rezzed at and then rezzes the child-object in place with a zero-offset.  This gets around the maximum of 10m.  But if the object tries to rezz before the MasterRezzer can move into position, you will get a failed anomaly as discussed above.  This new entry delays the rez-in-place until the MasterRezzer has had a chance to complete its move into position.


I replaced DblExposure with KillAll…..this will kill all sets rezzed instead of only the last set selected.  You can still execute DblExposure by using a local chat command using. using the RemoteChatChannel.

Also I replaced ComeHome with FastReRezOn/Off.   You can still execute ComeHome  by using a local chat using the RemoteChatChannel.

NEW Set Rezzer 3.79 Released on April 7th, 2018


If you have a monster set that is big as in lots of objects and/or very high in LI (land impact) there are options when using the ArtisteSet Rezzer.

1 Pre-Cache your set seems to help the most

2 Use the new DelayAfterRez entry in the *setchild to allow more time for the rezzer to move

3 Use the RezDelay entry in the *setmaster. There is NEVER a reason to rez fast. You can rez a set hidden then fade or show it when needed.

4 Use the *rezdelays nc

5 Break big set into multiple sets

6 Use Set-Rezzer Chaining by making one of your sets a rez of a setrezzer.