Artiste Set Responders

What is it?  How this will work.

I have acquired 62 new items that for now I will call “Artiste Set Responders” that can be controlled via the Artiste Performance HUD. They are all (with the exception of 2 or 3) devices that “DO” stuff, usually some type of open/close functionality or in some cases on/off. The idea is to help add some ‘set motion’ to aid in telling your story by being able to time their operation in association with other functions/actions to create a mini-story within the whole dance/production story.

The purpose of providing these devices is that they will be custom tailored to work with the Perf. HUD, Director, and even under Palette control. The advantage of using them from this offering is that their actions can be synchronized with other Artiste functions like: emoting, adorning, stripping, dancing, Palette actions like throwing, colliding, etc. You get the idea.

This will work via autofx.

You must be logged into the Director which means you must be added to the *artists nc for access. This helps limit access to devices on stage to just the current performer. ChannelForStage,-823556596 on your *config nc must match ChannelForStage,-823556596 in the Director. They match by default but when you go to a venue, be aware that the venue owners Director channel may be different.

You will need Director v6.0 or greater (soon to be released) in order to use these Responders.



1,r=s%DO%-12345%Open Curtain All

I will include a nc with the channel and commands for each Responder
You can change the channel if you change it in the device.
Only the person logged into the director will be able to send commands to the Responder.

I will set default channels as negative for added security but you can change it.
Negative channels cannot be entered via local chat but will work via autofx from the Perf. HUD.

/-12345 Open Curtain All <==(this wont work)

There are several options that may or many not be available for each Responder that you can configure on its specially named config card. I will list them in my docs..

I spent 21,540 and am selling a ‘package of sets’ for 10k. You will get a barebones set with 1 or more devices in the set. Of course you will be able to extract the device(s) and use them freely as you would any build with furnishings. I will be providing extra textures for some of the devices in the future but they all come pre-textured.

you can wait for all 62 to be configured or you can buy the ‘license’ and receive them as I prepare them.

More than a 50% savings.

They will be sold Copy/Mod so you easily put them in a rezzer. You must own the Performer Series in order to be eligible for the “Artiste Set Responders” license/kit.

Of course I can’t build 62 sets over night. Nor should you ahve to wait for all 62 to be completed before they are available to you. So I will be making them available as I do them. There will also be a catalogue with photos of the sets. They will be IDed SR01-SR62 for easy referral. At some point there will be a dispenser where those on an access list will be able to get any and all that are available.

P.S. Already sold my 1st one, received payment, and I dont have the 1st one ready yet. wow.


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