Important New Palette Changes for February 2015

A few major changes to the Palette for version 02-08-15-AI2


1 – There is an OptionButton on the Palette nc. It lets you choose how you want the optional button to function. You have 3 choices currently. Choose which one would be most beneficial for your current usage.

on *palette nc ==> OptionButton,ChooseMove

2 – The old DumpInitRSit has been split into 2 buttons. DumpInitial for creating the InitialOffset (home) for Palettes and the ResetSit for resetting the DefaultSitAnim

3 –  on *palette nc  ==> GoHomeSpeed,1.0
   When you receive velocity errors for having to move the palette back home over a far distance, increase its (default) GoHomeSpeed from 1.0 to say 1.5

4 –   on *palette nc  ==> OscFadeMaxCycles,1
 The ever popular single-fadein then fadeout can NOW be accomplished with just one autofx statement, cutting in half the currently number needed. Simply use an oscfadeon.
ex:  1,r=p%01_A%oscfadeon

The thing that determines how many fade-in/fade-out sycles is the new entry on the *palette nc. If it is zero (0) , then the fadein/fadeout will continue forever until you issue an oscfadeoff autofx command:  Ex:


A value other than 0 means it will do that many fadein/fadeouts THEN issue ifs own oscfadeoff internally

5 –   on *palette nc  ==> OscBeatMaxCycles,1
This performs like OscFade only it controls oscillating changes in scale (ie.e a beating heart)

6 –   on *palette nc  ==> KillMeAfter,24.0 –   A major change is the addition of the option to have a palette kill (delete) itself after a certain period of time. This helps clean up strays, runaways, and forgotten rezzed Palettes. This timer resets on Palette Reset or Palette Rez. The entry on the *palette nc that determines this is:

The default is 24.0 hours. After 2/3rds of this value has elapsed, you will get a warning. In this case when 16 hrs have passed or 8 hours until “kill” time. At the time of the actual “kill”, you will receive an IM.

I added a safety measure. It copies the contents of your palette into the Anchor. This includes “copiable” animations, notecards, copiable objects. It does not copy scripts BUT you can make a copy of your Palette and store it INSIDE that same palette. Then the palette gets copied, assuming there are no  nocopy items inside of it.


Thee is a 2 minute grace period to allow enough time to copy embedded content. this allows for up to 40 items to be copied at 3 seconds per.

If you do NOT want the auto-kill feature then make KillMeAfter,0

7 – New Script added called Fader. You need this script if you plan to use “Swing” or the “AutoKill” feature. Of course as new add-ons become available, they will most likely be added here.













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