Event #0 LeadTime Conundrum

Not sure how i intended it to work but
if delay time is zero then
event 0 fires at same time as event #.1

Maybe its what i intended way back when.?
Now, i think its not what i would want.. but…it is what it is, now.

Maybe you are used to it?

Chances are you don’t want 0 and 1 firing at same time? so…

UPDATE: I remembered why. It has to do with leadtimes. A leadtime for event #0…well you cant start something before the beginning of time so to speak. If event #0 started when you pressed play, then when would you process  a leadtime of event #0. It would have to read your mind on when you were going to press play and then do the action so many seconds previous to that.

So I avoided that conundrum.


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