CreateLink & BreakLink — Sat, Mar 28 2015 12:13:54 PM PDT

I have a camera on a crane

I want the camera to pan and tilt on its own axis
I also want to be able to move them both

I have a Palette in the crane and one in the Camera
Well when i just want to move the camera, I break its link, move it then (re) CreateLink back to the crane. Works like a charm.

They are new Palette actions that may help you now or in future.

If i didn’t break the link 1st, then the crane would move with the camera moves.


format in book is wrong. Should be  something like   1,r=p%LinkA%createlink%LinkB

Also LinkB is assumed to be the root so LinkA will link to LinkB

Both links must be MOD

You will need the latest Palette Fader  script that allows you to link (LinkB) as a non-scripted link.


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