2015 – May-June


New Palette BT2 – released on May 29th, 2015

New button added to front of Palette called EditMove.

Also new entry on *palette nc alled EditMoveTime.  I have it set at 0.5. You can change it of course but it must be no smaller than 0.2.

You can now select the move you want to edit without having to work up to it. Currently to  change, say, the 4th move, you would have to do 3 series of ChooseMove/QuickTest combinations. Then do your StartMove/EndMove/DumpMove sequence as normal.

With the new way,  simply press EditMove then choose 4. The palette will go thru 3 moves, each taking 0.5 seconds. And you will be ready to create a new 4th move using StartMove, EndMove, and DumpMove as normal. Then copy and paste the output onto the 4th move line, replacing what was there. The EditMove ignores all Pause times and Actions and their times, so it gets you to your edit point as fast as possible.

You still have the ChooseMove button on the 2nd page as the old method of ChooseMove/QuickTest will still get you thru the sequence of moves.

New Autofx commands for palette:  setpart and getkey

You can change any and all particle attributes during emission but only one at a time.

Below are the note-cards for  study:
cpon – starts particle emission
cpoff – stops particle emission
the DO‘s tell the Director to talk to the window to open and close it
getkey assigns the key of Stink_Target to the particle emitter palette
setpart changes a particle emission characteristic on the fly.



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