Pre-RC4-Release Enhancments

Release notes for Dec. 2015 RC4

Duration to Elapsed Time Translation
If you specify
in the *events nc, you get the following owner-only chat during HUD Reset




Automatic Turn-Line-Entry Creation
A little help with the ‘easy’ method of creating moves.

If you press StartMove, then turn your Palette without moving it, then press EndMove

Then press DumpMove, you now get a skeletal turn-line produced for you: Below I typed in 90 in the edit menu z rotation box …and got:

[17:41:54] ArtistePalette_01_A: M01_A,2.000000,Turn,90.000000,none,0

You still have to enter pause time and animation and tweak the time if not entered using the menu.
Additional DanceChat information provided

Stopped lines have been suppress and notice i’ve added:

1) group
2) Dance No.
3) and elapsed time

Helpful when you start doing routine grouping


DA1 Group: A Dance #: 1 Playing: Vegas_Showgirls_5 Elapsed: 0
DA1 Group: A Dance #: 2 Playing: Static_Female_Pose_Shrug Elapsed: 29
DA1 Group: A Dance #: 3 Playing: Vegas_Showgirls_1 Elapsed: 30
DA1 Group: A Dance #: 4 Playing: Static_Female_Pose_Shrug Elapsed: 59
DA1 Group: A Dance #: 5 Play

Reduced Button-Presses for Easy-Method (Palette Menu) Mover creation

You can now move a palette, press EndMove and DumpMove
It now stores the EndMove in the StartMove so you dont have to always press StartMove
It assumes you want to start from where your EndMove was.

Of course you can still press StartMove, EndMove, DumpMove
and the old/current way will still work

Toggle HoverText on and OFf from Palette Menu
Can now toggle HoverText from Palette menu, IF
HoverText,on is the setting in the Palette nc.

After quickly advancing Palette in design mode to a move no.
There is a new OptionButton2 that can be PlayFromHere or ChooseMove.

PlayFromHere will play rest of move sequence starting at where the EditMove advanced you to.

And this is the LAST new feature created before the new release of RC4
(includes A-50,A-75,A-100, & A-250)
scheduled for Dec 1st.

All changes have been made and tested.