AutoAdorn: Stripping Using Negative Adorns

Removing a single layer or attachment from multiple layers and attachments.

There are several ways to do it because its been in such demand.

Method #2: This is the way you were taught in class. I won’t cloud the issue with teaching you the other primary method. (there are actually 7 methods so when you need extra horse-power…know that its there)

Use just this way UNTIL you have need for ‘doing more at the same time’.

#2: Using AutoAdorn

1- Make sure you have a folder below #RLV named !Adorn

2 – Create a new folder (say aWhiteFans or rWhiteFans) below this one and put your item (usually one but could be more) into it

3 – Right click on this folder (aWhiteFans or rWhiteFans) and “wear” the item(s). Then you can remove them

4 – On the event where you want the item(s) to be removed enter this a line on the *autoadorns ?? nc like this
Example for event #3: 3,-WhiteFans
notice the minus sign (-). This is what tells the HUD to look for a folders below !Adorn called either aWhiteFans or rWhiteFans and remove all the items in it, and YES it will remove items in both folders (aWhiteFans and rWhiteFans) if you have happen to have both so caution.