Removable Scripts

Artiste Performance HUD

If not using AutoCam then you can remove:
~TPT – AutoCam
~TPT – AutoCam Extension
~TPT – AutoCam View v4.1
~TPT – AutoCam ViewLoader

If you are not doing group dances, only solo, then you can rove:
 ~TPT – Dancer2 tthru ~TPT – Dancer9

If you are not using MasterPiece then you can remove:
 all the scripts with MasterPiece in the name.


Artiste ChorusLine 02-08-16-AJ – Only if using the Chorus Line – (SmartDancer can do most of what ChorusLine does)
Artiste Coupler 01-11-16-AA –
Only if using the Coupler
Artiste Experience 01-24-16-BL –
Only if using the Artiste Experience
Artiste SmartDancer v4.3 –
Only if using formations
Artiste UUID Physics 11-15-2017  –
Only if you are using the new (Physic commands like Push)