The Artiste Gear

The Artiste Gear Demo

This device was created to extend the abilities of a normal Artiste Rotator.

It is FREE to current and future owners of the Artiste Performer Series.

It allows for segmented moves comparable to that of watch-movements with configurable intervals and movement slices around a circle.

It also provides for inter-dependent movement triggering.

Gears can of course can be stopped, started, paused, and resumed via AutoFX.  This allows for coordinated stopping of say
tires on a car when the car stops or a slowing down of the rotation as the car slows. It could allow for those ‘rims that keep spinning’ to continue on after a car stops. Graduated moments can be pronounced enough to add drama to a backwards countdown.. Can create a stopwatch. Can show impending doom and doom-avoidance with simulated ‘gauge’ movements.

There is a “prime” function that pre-syncs the gears so they can all resume at the same time in sync from whence they left off.

It deprecates the:
in the Palette

Each gear contains 1 script and one notecard.

Gears can also be Palettized for additional functionality.

Each gears direction is configurable

Configurable channel-to-channel communications

They are copy/mod.

You can add custom textures.

You can re-size them.

They can rotate independent or inter-dependent of each other.

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