ANIMESH 101 – Introduction and How To for Artiste Integration

From my early understanding, ANIMESH is a mesh object that can be animated.  It can obey inserted scripts.

You can attach it or rez it.

I finally got animated objects (Animesh) to work with our Artiste Performance HUD.  Very intricate endeavor.

Animated objects (Animesh) also work with our SmartDancer, allowing it to move in formation with other Animesh and/or normal avatars.

Theoretically, Animesh can ALSO be a Palette and be moved as well.  The SD Palette script IS a modified Artiste Palette script.

Because it hosts embedded scripts, it can do everything Artiste tools do except handle permissions.  Permissions are assumed because you* own the animated object.

NOTE: Animesh do NOT have to be animated.  They can instead be operated upon without animating by using scripts

RULES for USING with our Artiste Performance HUD are STRICT with regards to DANCING with Animesh dancers in a group.

  1. First buy at least a MOD Animesh and preferably COPY/MOD.
  2. Unlike, avatars, as of this writing. Animesh need to have animations loaded into them.  If they are the only ones (no avatars) using the animations, then those animations don’t need to be loaded into the HUD. UPDATE 01/23/21 we now have poseballs that avatars can sit on that can have animations in them so animations never HAVE to be loaded into the Performance HUD.
  3.  Above all INSURE you have DancersInGroup set properly.  Total of Animesh + Avatars
  4. *smartdancer notecard is used for SmartDancer and must be inside your Animesh.  Be sure to adjust the PaletteHeightOffset
  5. In the *sequences nc add Animesh to the end.
  6. In the *sequences nc add AnimeshTrace to the end.
    AnimeshTrace,on I suggest leaving this on while you are getting familiar with Animesh, as it provide information on what is going on.
  7. Copy the Animesh Receiver 1.6 script into the Animesh. This allows the Animesh to tell the HUD what its key is because, unlike an avatar, its key changes every-time it is rezzed if Copy.





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